6 Tips To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Last updated on October 3rd, 2018

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the major points of concern and is said to be normal and common in men.

Tips To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

As per research, there can be two reasons for this male inability such as physiological and physical.

Psychological aspects such as excess stress, anxiety, and trauma due to distressing sexual experience can also cause ED in younger men.

Physical health problems such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure can often be associated with ED. Such things can cause in older men but to prevent such aspects, young men should keep a healthy track and lifestyle. So here are some tips that can help in preventing your penis from such inabilities.

1 Lose Weight

It is essential that an individual to lose excess weight as it can block the natural testosterone to increase and healthy blood circulation in the penis.

As the weight goes down, there is an increase in testosterone hormone that helps in circulating blood to the penile chamber, thus triggers penis to be firm and erect.

2 Quit Smoking

Smoking is said to affect the healthy blood flow and damages the blood chambers in the penis. It also affects the brain’s neuro signals that prevent to ensure correct blood flow in the penis.

According to a study, smoking can give shorter erections to men compared to non-smokers that clearly states that smoking can affect adversely to the penis.

Smoking Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

3 Regular Exercise

Exercises and cardiovascular activities are shown to help prevent ED and increase testosterone levels in men.

Cycling, running, dancing, swimming, workout, yoga, etc. are some of the activities that can help keep you healthy and prevent erectile dysfunction.

4 Stress Management

According to health experts, stress can enhance the level of Adrenaline hormone that can make blood vessels contract, which is not at all suitable for an erection.

This is the reason why it is necessary to have stress management. Indulge in activities that divert the mind out of stress and helps you grow physically and mentally.

5 Good Mood

It is essential that you be in a good mood and for that, you need to keep your stress at bay. It is found that a positive mood can create a pleasant atmosphere that initiates sexual desires and healthy erections.

As above mentioned, get involved in activities that help you grow mentally and physically that prevents stress to affect you, sexually.

6 Maintain Good Diet

According to researchers, it has found that a diet that is bad for a man’s heart is also not healthy for erections. A healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits can help in healthy blood circulation in the penis.

Leafy greens, beets, watermelons, oysters, dark chocolate, grape juice, fish, nuts, garlic, pepper and olive oil are some of the healthy food items that can help an individual to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Healthy Diet Can Help Combat Impotence


I know its difficult to stop erectile dysfunction, but by taking few steps, it can prevent such sexual disability. Impotence may be common in today’s generation but taking good care of health can keep your body and sex life healthy and prosperous. So it’s up to you, how you keep yourself healthy!

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